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BetterWOMAN - as seen on TV

What are the Ingredients in BetterWOMAN?

BetterWOMAN is a proprietary formula made of 20 all natural Chinese herbs. The herbs and their key related functions are listed here. View List of Ingredients>>

How Does BetterWOMAN Work?

BetterWOMAN naturally improves blood circulation, promotes hormone balance and modulates neuromuscular function, based on Traditional Chinese Medicine theory. BetterWOMAN improves the tone and strength of muscle systems that control bladder functions.  Read More>>

What are the Major Types of Bladder Control Issues?

There are three major types of bladder control issues: leakage of small amounts of urine when you sneeze, laugh or exercise, leakage of large amounts of urine when you feel a sudden urge to urinate, and frequent urination.  Many women have mixed types of bladder control issues.  Read More>>


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